The September 2013 floods across Colorado’s Front Range resulted in $3.4 billion in damages and changed the local population’s relationship to their local creeks and rivers. The flood also resulted in unprecedented community support for residents and neighbors who experienced flood related damage. Coal Creek Canyon is a unique small watershed that it is contained within Jefferson, Boulder, and Gilpin counties. Following the flood, a local community non-profit, The Environment Group (TEG) spearheaded an effort to create a watershed restoration master plan to help the entire canyon community with its post-flood recovery work.

After completion of the master plan, a group of canyon residents volunteered to continue the work needed to implement the master plan. This group, representing the diversity of interests and skills in the community, formed a non-profit watershed coalition under the auspices of TEG, to begin the implementation of the priority projects in the watershed restoration master plan called Coal Creek Canyon Watershed Partnership (CCCWP). In 2016, CCCWP was strong enough within the community to become its own 501 c 3 and is no longer affiliated with TEG. With financial assistance from a Community Development Block Grant under the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, staff have been hired to help manage project work and lead this coalition.