Recent Activities

Home Access Program

August 5, 2016
[mp_row] [mp_span col="12"] Coal Creek Canyon Watershed Partnership is working with canyon residents to assist in flood recovery efforts and in building back so we’re more resilient when another flood…
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Cccwp Volunteer Initiative!

May 31, 2016
Coal Creek Canyon Watershed Partnership is looking for opportunities to assist private landowners in the canyon with damage from the 2013 flood. If you need assistance with debris removal, bank…
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Water Testing For Private Wells

March 21, 2016
Coal Creek Canyon residents need information regarding their wells and how to test them.  We hope to make this a place where you can educate yourself on your unregulated private…
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Twin Spruce Junction

March 1, 2016
Total Awarded: $393,860 Date Awarded: Contract received and signed 1/28/16 (end date 6/30/17) Where we are: Initial outreach and contact with landowners complete. Draft RFP complete (design/build) and being reviewed. RFP was…
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