Cdbg Dr Resilience Planning-capacity Grant

October 27, 2015

The Colorado Department of Local Affairs (“DOLA”) is leading Colorado’s housing and economic recovery effort in response to severe flooding that occurred September 9 through September 15, 2013. Capacity Building grant funds support planning efforts and watershed capacity building through local staffing, planning and detailed studies, and long-range planning for community redevelopment in the municipalities, counties, and watersheds. DOLA funds two individuals through this grant.  If you don’t know us yet: David Kamin, the Watershed Coordinator oversees Partnership projects and all necessary work to bring them to completion through project management, community outreach, coordinating steering committee meetings, and managing staff. Jackie Daoust, the Watershed Program Assistant performs support services for the Coordinator and the Partnership, primarily including planning and implementation assistance, internal and external communications, office management, volunteer coordination, and administration and accounting.

During Round 1 of the DOLA Capacity Building Grant, CCCWP was awarded $221,667 on July 1, 2015 and the completion date for this contract was August 31,2016.  Round 2 for capacity grant was submitted at the end of August to continue funding for the salary, benefits, and trainings of the watershed coordinator and watershed program assistant and administration capacities for CCCWP.  $166,965 was requested for another 18 month contract January 2017-June 2018.  The Round 2 Capacity grant funding was awarded January 2017.




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