Natural Resource Conservation Service Emergency Watershed Protection Grant Update

October 3, 2017

Amount Awarded: Estimate from DSR: $1,200,000 DOLA granted 12.5% match funds$367,000

Where We Are: Damage survey was completed.  Projects have been identified.  Match funding has been awarded.  Initial landowner meeting in December 2015.  Completed an LMI Survey. CCCWP is going to sponsor the project.  DOLA granted 12.5% match funds.  Construction and restoration began at the end of February 2017.  This project was completed August 2017.

Estimated Completion Date:

Background: The Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) Emergency Watershed Protection (EWP) program has over 56 million dollars in grant funds to distribute to flood-affected watersheds in Colorado for use in implementing restoration and flood recovery projects. CCCWP has worked to prioritize the projects in the watershed based on NRCS EWP criteria and has ranked the area along Highway 72 from Mile Marker 14.4 to 15.8 as one of the top priorities. As part of the project evaluation process, to determine which projects would qualify for this funding opportunity, the NRCS team surveyed the creek and completed Damage Survey Reports (DSRs). The Survey was completed on September 18th, 2015.

Project Types:

-Restoration of stream function

-Bank stabilization

-Debris removal

-Reconfiguration/removal of sediment

-Channel bed stabilization

-Floodplain establishment

-Not for infrastructure (no bridges or culverts)

-Projects can be located on private and non-Federal lands

-Not on public ROW, although some exceptions

Phase 1:  $12.9 million.  Coal Creek Canyon did receive EWP funds during phase 1 to address threats to life and property, by reducing erosion and the threats from future flooding.  Phase 2 funding is different from Phase 1, because it is less emergency solutions and more long-term, restoration projects.

EWP Phase 2 Funding:

-$56.9 million in Colorado

-$47 for construction

-$9.9 for NRCS and CWCB administration, project designs, etc. – TBD

Funding Formula:

-75% NRCS

-12.5% Colorado Conservation Water Board

-12.5% Match funding

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