Water Testing For Private Wells

March 21, 2016

Coal Creek Canyon residents need information regarding their wells and how to test them.  We hope to make this a place where you can educate yourself on your unregulated private well.  Below are links and a few informational PDF's to determine and test if there are contaminants in your well.

Jefferson County Public Health Water Quality and Well Testing PowerPoint 2018

Jefferson County Public Health Water Quality and Well Testing PowerPoint 2017

Uranium in Drinking Water from Private Wells

Well Service Providers for CCC:

Boulder GNC Water Well

Ground Exploration LLC


Air quality indoor air radon data analysis-2011-2012

Resource Sheet: Nitrate-Nitrite

Resource Sheet: Total-Coliform-E-Coli-Bacteria

Roy Laws Presentation from Public Workshop March 15, 2016 @ CCCIA Hall

Links to information about well water quality testing:

Gilpin County Public health - water testing lab

Drinking Water Wells - Jefferson County, Colorado

Private Drinking Water Wells | US EPA

Water testing | Department of Public Health and Environment

Lab Result Links:




Uranium: https://jeffco.us/public-health/water-quality/drinking-water-wells/ & https://safewater.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/sections/202346157


Great videos on wells, well water quality and onsite wastewater treatment systems (septic systems): Montana Well Educated Program - MSU Extension Water Quality | Montana State University

Water treatment options: https://www.epa.gov/sites/production/files/2015-11/documents/2005_11_17_faq_fs_healthseries_filtration.pdf

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